The Road Back to Open Source 8

This is something that has been playing on my mind a bit. The project is making great strides to 1.0 all the time. PhotoFiltre LX Studio and PhotoFiltre LX(free) will be released in the not so far future which is absolutely fantastic! However, a project that started off as Open Source needed to make sacrifices in the name of progress. We got our funding and started commercial development to kick off the project. We have been continuing progress with more cost involved but the issue here is I don’t have the same free time I used to for project development.

I do want to return to Open Source, right where the project roots started. Really though the project needs to make back a certain amount of the high value source code before I could even consider it worthwhile/fair to be releasing to the community. The road back will be a difficult one but every sale of PhotoFiltre LX Studio is actually contributing back to a prospect of a code release to Open Source.

Best solution going forward will be a optional donation for the free version which will eventually be released after Studio sales decline substantially. I’m just putting my thoughts out there. Provide feedback if you have an opinion on the matter or if you do care about whether this project has an Open Source version or not. For now I will put a progress bar on the downloads page, so we can track progress on the possibility of Open Sourcing the code base.

  • In my opinion, if you want to earn money on Photofiltre LX, you better consider this – is it better to sell 5 copies for 15euros, or 200 copies for 1 euro? Of course, we can’t be sure that people will pay even 1 euro for unfinished product, but..

    I understand, that money drives development, but price for copy of unifinished product is too high (look at, where much more functional graphics program is priced at 28 euro for one year upgrades). Look at crowd funding scheme – even 1 euro is better, than no buy.

    So, crowd fund this great app, bring it to full potential and then sell copies for right price. Or people will be frustrated by high price for unfinished program, and small sale will frustrate you.

    Anyway, that’s you project and your decisions. If full 1.0 version is near – than I’ll wait for it 🙂

    • Certainly I have been thinking of restructuring the price list. Sales are okay but I could do with higher numbers to have more people on board at launch. I do plan to get to 1.0 version no matter what but the question is at what cost to myself. More funding would certainly help to build a better editor.

      I will have more information on the new pricing once the 0.6 version release is ready and thanks for sharing your honest feedback with me! 🙂

  • OutEUSSR

    Hello there

    I used to use this sometimes as a change from gimp but i have not used it for years.
    i just installed the demo version on linux mint 17 and it crashed when i tried to add swirl to a photo. i could try an older version on a old xp desktop but id rather use linux because i never bother with windows unless its helping family with their buggy windyhoes machines:(
    How long will it be before the full version is ready? are you any closer to release?. :o)

    • Hey,

      We are always getting closer to release. I would recommend you visit the roadmap – At the moment we are aiming for March 2016 for the 1.0 version. I will test the demo version on Mint 17 ASAP. My testing has been very Ubuntu focused so far.

      Did you install the 0.6 demo version or an older version?

      • OutEUSSR

        Ah thats great i lookfoward to trying the full version :o)

        This was the latest demo,i could try an older ver with wine for now.
        If that wont work then ile try xp but a native linux ver would be cool.

        • I tested the latest demo in Mint 17.2. Found that using filters causes a crash and also the Ubuntu default icons (for New,Open, Save etc) are missing too. I will replace these with our own icons to prevent this happening on other distros.

          I will log both the filter bug and icon issue on our page. Thanks for getting in touch!

          • Better off Out of EUSSR

            wHoops forgot to mention i just tried the full version with wine and it would not work,everything is blank and i cant select anything.
            So i will try on xp eek ha :o).

            Great stuff best of luck with your efforts i will try an raise any issues after release, and suggestions with you via email rather then post them here so other companies don’t steal the ideas ha.
            Cheers Dylan Best regards dude 🙂

          • Thanks man. Always doing my best for the project! =)