Studio 1.3 released! 6

PhotoFiltre LX Studio 1.3 has been officially released. This upgrade is free for anyone who Pre-Ordered the year of updates edition or to anyone who purchased a license after we launched 1.0.  As usual you can download a free unlimited trial version from the downloads page.

Filters Improved

This release has the codename “Speed Demon” and really all I focused on was pure performance improvements in relation to the filters. Maybe not the most exciting release but it makes a huge difference to the use of the application and how it feels. The list below have been improved with using native Qt methods rather than relying on Graphicsmagick too much for certain functionality.

  • Soften
  • Blur
  • Grayscale
  • Old Photo
  • Sepia
  • Colorize
  • Hue
  • Brightness -/+

Threaded Filters

All other Graphicsmagick effects have been threaded. This means every filter/effect will run on a separate thread. This has the benefit of superb performance and filters will no longer freeze up the User Interface either. Most filters now run at least 33% faster!


RAW File Support

In previous releases RAW files always were scaled to be 4000 x 3000. Now the files will open at the original file size. I read the size of the file before even opening it, so there will be no performance problems with this or cases of reading the file twice.

New Filters


Menu – Adjust >> Opacity

You can apply an opacity to an image now. At the moment this will just do 50% as a default but there is no reason why we can’t have a slider in the future to select the opacity of the filter before applying the effect to the image.

Drop Shadow

Menu – Image >> Outsize drop shadow

Simple but professional looking. Drop shadows are a must have!

New Preferences Option

Now PhotoFiltre LX Studio can remember the last directory you used or use the one you set manually instead as per usual.

Bugs fixed

  • Image size not correct in statusbar after cropping or undo/redo.
  • Could not open certain extra RAW formats added in the previous release.
  • TextTool would not return to your selected tool after use.
  • TextTool textarea now has focus by default.
  • SprayCanTool now has a cursor to represent the radius in use.


Adjusted the ToolPalette to be 3 columns instead of 2. This results in the Toolpalette being more compact for smaller resolution screens.


  • Man, appreciate you work. With fast RAW support and basic filters with automatic it will become superior amongst other viewers/editors for Linux.

    • Thanks Salvadhor, I hope everyone enjoys this new version. Its definitely the best update to the project so far. I have so much more ideas for the project but not that much time to implement them.

  • Nasra

    Hi !
    I use LTS version of Xubuntu for security purposes, why Photofiltre LX is not available on LTS distributions ?

    • Hi there, PhotoFiltre LX used to have installers for LTS but now we use much more cutting edge tech which does not exist in LTS.

      I have also submitted to get into Ubuntu repos for the future LTS versions.

    • Checkout the latest blog post. Your wish has been granted.

      • Nasra

        Thanks !