PhotoFlare 1.5.6 released!

PhotoFlare v1.5.6 has been officially released. This is primarily a bug fix release but also adds some new functionality. The full list of changes is on the GitHub release page. This blog post will cover some of the bigger changes.

Hue Dialog Layout updates

The Hue Dialog is a great feature but it definitely needed some work on the layout. This dialog has been updated to make better use of spacing and highlight the preview area a little more.



Image Scaling for High Resolution (8K)

I think maybe it is too early to expect current technology to render 8K perfectly yet. (Unless you are using PhotoShop or GIMP) However in the meantime our scaled rendering has been improved since the previous release.



SNAP Installers

Our wonderful Debian maintainer/contributor has put in a PR to generate working Snap installers for Ubuntu systems. You can grab a copy from the downloads page and try it out. Inside the PhotoFlare project directory you can try the following in a terminal:

  1. sudo snap install snapcraft
  2. snapcraft
  3. sudo snap install PhotoFlare.snap

That is about it for now. This release is full of many, many bug fixes which will please most of you reading this today.