Community Edition (Open Source)

The source code is available under the GPL on GitHub. We need installers, code contributions or donations to support this edition.

If you want to check out the project plans for future releases of the project you can view the roadmap.

 Full ChangeLog

Ubuntu / Linux Mint

SNAP - 18.04
PhotoFlare_1.5.5.1_amd64.snap (64bit)

PPA - 18.04/17.10
Stable Releases

18.04/Linux Mint 19
PhotoFlare_CE_1.5.5_amd64_18.04.deb (64bit)

16.04/Linux Mint 18
PhotoFlare_CE_1.5.5_amd64_16.04.deb (64bit)


Build Server


Current builds in queue:

Windows amd64 complete
Ubuntu 18.04 i386 waiting
Mac OS waiting

Studio Edition

Development has started on the next generation of this project.
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