Quick edits


Using the Pointer tool. Select area by dragging the mouse. Right click and click crop.




Use the buttons in the toolbar to flip and rotate easily.

Resize Image/Resize Canvas

Includes simple dialogs to both resize the image and the canvas too.

The Toolpalette

The Toolpalette contains all of the basic manipulation tools. Here is a brief description of each tool.

  Pointer Tool

Allows you to select areas and crop them.

  Colour Picker

You can pick colours from the image. Set with left click for primary and right click for secondary.

  Magic Wand

Select specific or custom areas of the image.

  Line Tool

Draw lines on the image or arrows. Allows use of primary/secondary colours, opacity, size and also antialias.

  Paint Bucket

Fill large areas of the image. Allows primary and secondary colours.

  Spray Can

Paint areas of the image with a spray can style effect. Allows radius, pressure, dispersion and rainbow effect.

  Paint Brush

Paint lines on the image free hand. Allows primary/secondary colours, brush type, radius, pressure and antialias.

  Advanced Paint Brush

Similar to Paint brush tool but allows different options such as brush style, pressure, step and fade.

  Clone Stamp

Clone parts of the image and reveal them on another canvas location. Allows radius, pressure, step, fixed, precise and diffuse options.

    Blur Tool

Blur areas of the image. Allows radius and pressure as options.

  Eraser Tool

Erase certain parts of an image. Radius is the only option.


Use to smear pixels on the image. Allows radius and pressure as options.