2.0_dev – release date TBC
Added new colour palette manager.
Added new Update Manager.
Added new dialog settings/parameter saving/loading.

1.5.5 – 02 September 2018
Added support for MNG, TGA, TIFF and WBMP image formats.
Added source file filtering to the BatchDialog.
Added grid size dialog for “Show Grid” to specify cell width.
Removed WhatIsThis question marks from Window titles.
Fixed default settings not set if you cancel the Preferences dialog.
Fixed tools not having tooltips.
Fixed setting resolution zero in NewDialog causing numbers to be maximum values.
Fixed no warning message if opening a recent file deleted from disk.
Fixed issues with scrolling certain directions when grabbing scrollbar.
Fixed Duplicate without image causing a crash.
Fixed NewDialog able to create files with 0x0 pixels.
Fixed OpenDialog only able to open one file at a time.
Fixed Cancel on File Chooser for BatchDialog causing application crash.
Fixed BatchDialog output format not working.
Fixed restore fullscreen leaving application in broken state.
Fixed disabled controls showing.
Fixed text always displaying “Show Grid” even if already enabled.
Fixed always maximize preference being reset on close.
Fixed being able to launch Opacity dialog without image.

1.5.4 – 24 June 2018
Added Chinese translation (zh_TW).
Added a man page.
Added AppStream to ease packaging.
Updated project to build translation files on compile/build phase.
Removed Scan feature to ease Debian release.
Fixed Toolpalette looking poor on non-FHD screens.

1.5.3 – 02 April 2018
Added basic show/hide grid feature.
Added input dialog for setting Opacity to control the opacity level.
Updated the language restart button to be wide enough for FR translation.
Fixed the Colour Picker missing the cursor icon.
Fixed opening files with the File Manager.

1.5.2 – 26 March 2018
Added Duplicate feature to the Image menu.
Added Purge Clipboard feature to the Edit menu.
Added Purge History feature to the Edit menu.
Added Colour Threshold feature to Filter menu.
Added select all feature to Selection menu.
Added remember last opened folder for Batch Dialog.
Added Paste as new image feature to the Edit menu.
Updated appearance of Batch Dialog previews and file listing.
Updated to use C++17 as the standard.
Updated New file dialog to allow better keyboard navigation/usage.
Fixed Print option allowed to execute without an image.
Fixed pasted images disappearing after dragging with mouse.
Fixed rectangle select shape missing icon.
Fixed incorrect disabled state for undo/redo buttons with multiple images open.
Fixed crash caused by clicking right click menu too early.
Fixed crash caused by changing image mode without an image.
Fixed being able to launch the canvas dialog without an image.
Fixed the invalid file message appearing if you clicked cancel on the Open file dialog.

1.5.1 – 21 February 2018
Added feature to have transparent background in New file dialog.
Added proper implementation of indexed vs RGB colour mode.
Added more right click menu items.
Added error message to show when you try to open non images like .txt files.
Added icon to show ratio lock disabled and enabled by default for resize image.
Added cursors for crop hotspots.
Added restart button to show after language change in preferences.
Updated crop hotspots to show only if we release mouse click.
Updated the language strings for the whole application.
Updated crop lines to be more visible no matter your image colours.
Fixed translated strings not appearing correctly in dialogs due to short label length.
Fixed colour combobox showing for Resize image when it should not.
Fixed crop lines not being visible below 80% zoom.
Fixed loading languages for local builds of the project.
Fixed items in the right click menu not available to be translated.

1.5 – 27 December 2017
Added background colour option to New file Dialog.
Added new update manager.
Added new scrollbar UI style.
Added new dialog to control Drop Shadows.
Added text alignment options to the TextTool.
Fixed save without image crashing the application.
Fixed LineTool preview.
Fixed File properties not showing info for newly saved files.
Set canvas position center by default for resize image.
Remember and restore all Dialog settings.
Do not run GradientDialog without an active canvas.

1.4 – 03 July 2017
Remember save directory by default.
Gradient default values 50 percent.
History limit working.
TextTool validation.
Toolpalette left/right side setting.
Eraser Tool.
Smudge Tool.
RAW file support.

1.3 – 02 Apr 2017
Filters improved by using native methods.
Other filters are now threaded for a performance boost.
RAW images now open at the correct size.
Added opacity filter and outside drop shadows.
Saves last opened location by default.
Image size not correct in statusbar after cropping or undo/redo.
Could not open certain extra RAW formats added in the previous release.
TextTool would not return to your selected tool after use.
TextTool textarea now has focus by default.
SprayCanTool now has a cursor to represent the radius in use.
New ToolPalette 3 column style.

1.2 – 20 Dec 2016
New software updater.
Plugin manager updates.
PaintBrushTool can now do pixel art.
More RAW formats supported.
Removed Qt ContextMenu from the toolbars.
Removed LineTool preview as buggy with Qt5.6.
Improved performance of mainwindow by pulling in less libraries.
Add batchstatus and imagestatus to status bar.
Add language combo for Dutch and full Dutch translation.

1.1 – 06 Nov 2016
Change cursor when dragging pasted images.
Add Raw image support.
Add initial plugin system.
Zoom to the cursor position instead of center of the image.
Add .gif, .tiff and .bmp to the open dialog filters.
Add Negative feature to Adjust menu.
Fixed cropping selection for PointerTool.
Fixed image position widget not having the selected image.
Added Colour Option for the Hue Dialog.
Added Auto Crop.
Added Sepia to the Colour filters sub menu.

1.0 Final – 1 Aug 2016
Cannot use Pointer Tool (selection) straight after opening an image.
Opening file from Recent Files with a transparent background does not show the transparent background.
Clicking cancel on the compression dialog still saves the image.
Dependency libQtPrintSupport5 missing from deb.
PFLX 1.0 Beta pretty slow.
French translation not working on Ubuntu Mate.
Common actions should use native methods.
Replace Brush sets.

1.0 Beta – 17 July 2016
Added Transparent Dialog to set image colours transparent.
Added paste as new image.
Added functionality for RGB/Indexed Colour buttons.
Added cropping hotspots to adjust the crop area.
Added New main project icon.
Added Opening folder to preferences.
Added Saving folder to preferences.
Added Default save format to preferences.
Added French translation.
Updated Text Dialog layout.
Improved the icons and re-exported default icon theme.
Added cursor for the colour dropper.
Fixed tool selection bugs.
Fixed transparent background bug.
Fixed text wrapping on TextTool.

0.9 Alpha – 23 May 2016
Added Brightness(-/+), Contrast(-/+), Saturation(-/+), Gamma(-/+), Sepia and Dust Reduction to the Filter Toolbar.
Added Revert feature to restore images to the original.
Updated Batch dialog layout/style.
Updated Toolpalette styling.
Updated ColourBoxWidget layout.
Added ColourBoxWidget colour swap for Primary/Secondary colour.
Added ColourBoxWidget colour selection palette with multiple palettes.
Added 17 new filters to the filter menu.
Added new dialog to setup the Simple Frame filter.
Added new dialog to adjust Hue/Colour variations with settings.
Added new dialog to add gradients with various settings.
Updated Old Photo/Sepia filters.
Added Auto levels and Auto contrast.
Added feature to open multiple files in tabs from the file manager all in one app instance.
Added JPEG compression dialog/JPEG quality option.
Added language support system including saving to app settings.
Added dialog to help the project get funds.

0.8 Alpha – 08 March 2016
Selection can be toggled with the Show/Hide option.
Image Properties dialog.
Canvas size can be increased with the new dialog.
Batch/Automate tool.
TextTool Colour selection and Antialias option.
CloneStamp Helper dialog on first use.

0.7 Alpha – 03 Jan 2016
MagicWand Tool.
Cursors scale to the size of the brush/tool.
Clone Stamp Tool.
Blur Tool.
Set Zoom level with menus options.
Fullscreen Mode.
Added Filters Wave, Solarize, Implode, Soften, Blur, Sharpen, Reinforce.

0.6 Alpha – 18 Oct 2015
Printing functionality.
Scanning functionality.
Show transparent pixels in images.
Show current image size within Resize Image Dialog.
New/Resize image by ratio fixed.
Keyboard Shortcuts added.
Fixed showing credits on the About Dialog.

0.5 Alpha – 31 July 2015
Multiple Window Mode option.
Tab Mode improvements.
Windows Build Released.
Spray Can Tool.
Line Tool.
Add file to Recent files on Save As.

0.4 Alpha – 30 April 2015
Open file selected on startup.
Recent files.
Advanced PaintBrush Tool.
Undo/Redo functionality.
Copy/Paste functionality.
MS Windows build.

0.3 Alpha – 30 March 2015
Added the registration dialog and functionality.
Added functionality for the options at the top of New file dialog.
Merged colourbox into the toolpalette.
Add show/hide Filterbar and toolpalette from menu.
Link zoom to combobox and update on change tab.
Fixed Square brush painting algorithm.
Fixed Filters bug with painting.
Fixed AutoZoom for small images.
Edit text after placement.
Ability to move text with drag and drop.
Add font to image with Text tool.
PhotoFiltre Classic Crop.
Image Resize functionality.
Zoom + Autozoom on image open.
Paintbucket tool.
Painting with circle and Square brush types.
Added buttons for circle and square brushes.

0.2.5 Alpha – 03 March 2015
Third alpha version based on Qt.
Added instructions on how to build GraphicsMagick on Windows and Mac OS.
Made some fixes for file save under Windows.
Updated project file with sample settings for Windows and Mac platforms.

0.2 Alpha – 01 March 2015
Implemented colour picker tool.
Added Flip, Rotate, Greyscale and swirl effects.
Added colour boxes to separate dockwidget.

0.1.5 Alpha – 12 Feb 2015
Second alpha version based on Qt.
File save now adds file extension to filename.
Support for more file types.
Paint area is now centered inside tab widget and has a dark grey background color.
File/Close and File/Close All have been implemented.
Supports two colour selection boxes, each opens a colour selector dialog.
Support for drawing with primary or secondary colours, depending on which mouse button is pressed.
Paint brush slider and anti-aliasing checkbox are now on tools palette

0.1 Alpha – 05 Feb 2015
First alpha version based on Qt.
Supports painting using the paint brush tool. You can modify color, width and antialising.
Supports image loading and saving in png, jpg, and gif formats.
Color picker is available as a dock widget.
Implemented two filters using the GraphicsMagick library: Oil Paint and Charcoal Drawing.
Unimplemented actions are disabled.
Startup preferences are implemented.
Window size is saved and restored.
Has been tested on Linux and Windows platforms.